Khakee review

Film :Khakee
Banner : Dream Warrior Pictures
Cast : Karthi, Rakul Preet and others
Producers : SN Reddy and Lakshmikanth
Director : Vinoth
Music Director : Ghibran
Release date : November 17, 2017

What’s it about ? :

Deeraj (Karthi) is introduced as a police trainee and tutor for Rakul Preet. They fall in love. Later, Deeraj becomes DSP and gets an assignment of catching a decoit gang. The rest of the story is all about how Deeraj carries his operations against the gruesome crimes in a village (a village in Throopu Godavari in Telugu version). In the original and actually, the film deals about the deadly Bawaria dacoits who took many lives in Tamil Nadu during 1995-2005.

Artists and Performances :

Karthi is slick and fit for the role. He has carried the semi retro look of 1990’s effortlessly. Efficiently subtle at times and also the expressive when needed. There are no punch dialogues for him. He is as realistic as the film is. Karthi as Deeraj will definitely impress you. His Telugu dialogue diction is an add on. Rakul Preet looks beautiful in a role which doesn’t sink into the story. However, she did her part. Dubbing sounds weird. The villain was good too in his zone.

Technical Talk :

Not just in recent times, Khakee is easily one of the best products from the technical department in past decade. The background score is just out of words. Ghibran nailed it. Throughout the film, the background score has been consistently great. Nevertheless, we can talk so much positive about the songs.

Action episodes are terrific. They are realistic, raw, violent and importantly gripping. Without any doubt, the best action choreography in all the crime thrillers of recent times. Editing department has to be appreciated for pulling off few episodes with tight cuts. Interval episode will take you by surprise. However, the editing fluctuates in the second half. Production values are super rich.

Analysis :

Khakee will not disappoint you if you are among those audience who love to watch realistic crime dramas. Although Khakee doesn’t carry a great story with it, we cannot complain on that part as it is based upon real crimes. Romantic episodes, few flaws in the second half should he ignored. On a larger picture, Khakee is worth watch for new age cinema lovers.

Brief Note :

Slick and gripping

Rating : 3/5