Fake Publicity by Chiranjeevi team ?

Public Relations team is generally appointed to add fabricated things to the original or actual stuff and bring some sensational publicity to the celebrity. At this moment, Megastar Chiranjeevi’s PR team is trying to do exactly the same.

A leading media house has published an article saying that two Telugu channels have been competing with each other for Khaidi No. 150 satellite rights. That’s okay but can you guess what amount has been written for Satellite price ? The fabricated figure is 100cr.

Gosh .. not even Baahubali would fetch so much from a single version satellite rights. In reality, Khaidi No.150 satellite rights would be sold at some 12-15cr. Now calculate the difference between the possible figure and fake one. If this is really done by Chiranjeevi’s PR team, that’s nothing but considering the readers as fools.