Kathi Mahesh to enter politics

Mahesh Kathi is all over social media and digital media for all controversial reasons. The film critic has been making a stand against Pawan Kalyan for a long time now. He is more of a political critic than a cinema one these days. So, the questions on his political entry are bound to raise. When a Facebook user asked the same in a live chat, the critic has nodded yes to his political entry.

Kathi Mahesh is in thoughts of making an entry. However, he wouldn’t form a political party. He is being inspired by Jignesh Mevani, an independent who won Vadgam constituency on his own. He is a social activist which earned him enough goodwill in the public to stand against the odds and win an assembly election in Gujarat. Kathi Mahesh wants to follow Jignesh. There is no certainty on the where Kathi Mahesh would fight his election.

On the other side, there is a popular gossip that Kathi Mahesh has the back support of YS Jagan and YSRCP. It is said that he has been employed by the opposition leader of Andhra Pradesh to run a negative campaign against Janasena and Pawan Kalyan. Giving a news status to the rumour, will Kathi Mahesh join YSRCP or will he contest as an independent?