Is this hot heroine a lesbian?

Homosexuality and bisexuality is a very common trend in Western and European countries. People there are very much open to freedom in choosing $exuality. Very recently, even Australia made same $ex marriages legal. However, India is yet to give LGBT a legal status. But few to several actors and actresses in India have been and are into same $ex relationships. British import Amy Jackson joins the list.

Amy Jackson is a lesbian? Is she attracted to girls? Well, her time to time pictures where she is a kissing a girl have taken the internet by surprise. She is repeatedly spotted locking lips with a girl. We don’t know who is that girl and if or not she is in a relationship with the 25 year old hottie.

In one of her old interviews, Amy Jackson clearly stated that she is open to homosexuality and her best friend is a lesbian. The question is if she is into the same interest. If she is, let’s all wish her a lovable life.