Is he the hero in Arjun Reddy director’s next film?

The Arjun Reddy fever is yet to vanish completely. The modern age cult classic is ruling the internet world with record streams in Amazon Prime after a dream run at boxoffice. As you know, the film which barely made upon a budget of 4cr, went of raking over 25cr share in it’s full run. Including satellite, digital and remake rights, the makers have extracted around 35cr from the project.

Sandeep Reddy Vanga is a happening name today. Even Mahesh Babu expressed his interest to work with the director and the filmmaker is already busy in penning a script for the Superstar. However, Mahesh is too busy to give a commitment in near future. Other side, Sandeep Reddy is also searching other ways to commence his next.

Irrespective of who the actor is, the film would mostly be in Mythri Movie Makers banner. Apparently, the producers have already paid advance to the filmmaker. But who would be the actor?

Well, Ram Charan and Sandeep Reddy Vanga have been into discussions for sometime. So, there is a clear possiblity of a film happening in their combination. Aren’t you excited after hearing this?