Intelligent Movie Review

Film : Intelligent
Banner : CK Entertainments
Cast : Sai Dharam Tej, Lavanaya Tripathi and others
Producers : CK Kalyan
Director : VV Vinayak
Music Director : SS Thaman
Release date : February 9, 2018

What’s it about ?

Tej (Sai Dharam Tej) is an admirer of a businessman (Nasser) who does good and believe in good. Tej joins the company as a software engineer and gets into Nasser personally. They carry doing good works for the needy people. But the villain gang wants to take over the company led by Nasser and when he refuses to give them away, he gets killed. This murder makes Tej turn into Dharma Bhai and fight for the justice. Rest of the story is about how Dharma Bhai takes revenge for the death of his boss.

Artists and Performances :

Sai Dharam Tej as Tej and Dharma Bhai wasn’t impressive. The actor had nothing to do but play a typical Telugu with old school method of acting. He neither fits into the role of Dharma Bhai, nor entertains as Tej. Probably, the most pale characters played by a notable actor in recent past. Lavanaya Tripathi is a glamour doll who appears in songs and has been roped for that skin show in songs. She barely has anything to do with the story chosen. A talent like Rahul Ramakrishna has been wasted. Only Sapthagiri manages to bring little or mere relief. Brahmanandam fails again. Ashish Vidyarthi, Siyaji Shinde and Rahul Dev, literally VV Vinayak brought all those expired villain gang again into mainstream cinema. None excites and nothing works.

Technical Talk :

Sadly, even Thaman didn’t try to save this money. A highly unlike Thaman album and background score in his time of sparkles. Compare a Tholi Prema album with Intelligent songs or Bhaagamathie background score with the same movie. It sounds as if Thaman didn’t want to waste his good tunes on a disaster movie. Cinematography is cliche but rich. Editing is pathetic. Story and screenplay given by Akula Shiva fails to create minimum excitement. Production values are high.

Analysis :

Khaidi No 150 was a remake. So, Vinayak had a blockbuster story to deal with (which he ruined). A proven story although with bad treatment was rescued by larger than life screen presence of Megastar. Somehow, the film didn’t give the sense of Vinayak’s downfall. But intelligent uncovers all the fluke. Even pathetic word is not enough to describe how torterous this movie is. Not even a single scene in sensible. Thikka, Winner, Nakshatram, Jawaan and now Intelligent, the latest film also joins the same list. DISASTERS.

Plus Points :

* Nothing

*Minus Points :

* Everything

Brief Note :


Rating : 1/5