Inspired by Yevadu, Woman kills her husband for lover

Go to Netflix and watch as many crime dramas as possible, you would still feel the incompleteness after reading this story. Swati, a 27-year-old nurse in a private hospital in Nagarkurnool of Telangana has murdered her husband in one of the cleanest possible ways like pro killer. Interestingly, her master murder plan was inspired by Ram Charan’s Yevadu movie.

If you remember, in Yevadu, Allu Arjun’s character gets beaten near to death and lands in a hospital where Jayasudha is treating him. Since Allu Arjun’s face is seriously damaged, Jayasudha gives her late son’s (Ram Charan) face to him with a plastic surgery. Taking this story line as inspiration, Swati tried to make her lover look alike the husband but failed because of a mutton soup. You may wonder what on Earth this mutton soup is doing in crime? We will get to this point soon.

Swathi was married to Sudhakar Reddy four years ago and had two children with him. But mentally, she has always been with her boyfriend Rajesh. In an unhappy marriage, Swathi couldn’t ask her husband for divorce since she had no explainable reason to quit marriage. Then she thought of murdering her husband and the plan was on.

Swati made Sudhakar unconscious with anesthesia. Her boyfriend hit Sudhakar hard on the head and took his life way. Both Swati and Sudhakar carried the dead to a forest and burnt him into ashes. After that, Swati poured acid on Sudhakar’s face and took him to the hospital. She told everyone that the person lying the bed is none other than her husband Sudhakar who was brutally attacked by acid by unknown people. She planned a plastic surgery for him to make him look alike her husband. But that didn’t materialize. All thanks to Mutton soup.

Sudhakar was a non-vegetarian but Rajesh is not. Rajesh forgot that he was in Sudhakar’s shoes and rejected taking mutton soup from the Doctors. Relatives observed this and started checking his behavior closely. What happened next? The crime mystery opened up. Swati is sent to jail and so will be Rajesh after his treatment.