Indians girls answers on why Heroines expose navel

Indian films, south Indian in special have this navel fetish scenes where filmmakers literally worship heroine’s navel. Close-up shots are being framed around her navel. There are filmakers who also hit heroine’s navel with fruits and flowers. An actress is shown getting lured with a gentle touch at her navel. How practical is this? Why Indian filmakers are so much obsessed with navels? What Indian girls opined on this? A YouTube channel has brought some answers for us.

Girl 1 : “Nudity is not really into Indian Cinema. For various reasons, nudity just doesn’t fit here even though all of us comfortably watch porn. All that filmakers have is focusing on her navel. That’s the only part which can be shown sensuously yet it not gross. So we can say, the limitations have forced the directors to focus on that part”.

Girl 2 : “It’s a weird obsession in my view. What is so special in a woman’s navel? Even a male has one. Cleavage show is different since men are bound to get attracted. Men don’t have breasts right? They are with female body. But what about navel? I don’t understand the obsession. I even wonder if men really get attracted to it?”.

Girl 3 : “If you see some sculptures, a woman’s navel is shown as part and parcel of ancient erotic fantasies. So, navel exposure is pretty much with us from ages. So, only Indian men find it attractive. The rest of the world would find it very unattractive”.

Girl 4 : “I don’t understand. But for a fact, even normal girls wear clothes exposing their hips and navel. So that is obviously an attractive part. I don’t wear such clothes but many do.”

Girl 5 : “Hip and navel get exposed in saree, the traditional wear for women in India. This is probably the reason why Indian men got habituated and attracted to navel beauty. Filmakers have taken that obsession to next level. They simply overrated it.”