Indian star broke up with Pakistani heroine

Ranbir and his break up stories are never ending. The actor who debuted a decade back in Bollywood earned all the popularity not just because his hit films, but also with personal affairs he had with different ladies. During the initial days of his career, the chocolaty dated Sonam Kapoor for sometime. But that relationship didn’t last long. Immediately with his second film, he started hanging out with Deepika Padukone.

The relationship with Deepika might have been just another case for him but it was intense on the other side. Deepika as madly in love with Ranbir. She went into depression after the breakup. Then the handsome as with Katrina Kaif for some years. When it was heard that both would get married, breakup happened again. Ever since, Katrina is not in good talks with actor.

Then this romantic hero got to know Pakistani actress Mahira Khan. They have been spotted together several times although they haven’t done a single yet together. The pic where the couple were spotted smoking together went viral and controversial. But within couple of months from the controversy, it is heard that Ranbir has broken up with the 33 year old too. Crazy.