Indian men don’t do oral $ex much – survey

It’s not always the penetration which gives her an orgasm. Actually, penetration fails to do that most number of times since men don’t last long while doing that. A woman needs some time, technically more time to get horny and more time to reach climax. They are on the slower side and men are different from the that. Men easily get horny and easily fall down. There are many guys who can finish things off within seconds. Well, that’s not really a things to brag about. Researches suggest that giving her oral is the best to satisfy her desire. Indeed, it’s the best way. But how often women receive oral? Especially in India, where men try to carry some superior tag with themselves and feel giving oral as a low quality or gross thing to do?

A popular lifestyle magazine conducted a survey where 1050 Indian women have participated. Questions were asked on different topics but Oral $ex has been the pick of all. For clear reasons, it has been the most discussed topic and of course the much discussion worthy topic.

Out of 1050 women, only 17% said that their husbands give oral like a pro. While 35% are okay with the attempts of men, the rest either don’t receive oral completely or they have gone some through some very immature or pathetic experiences. Well, these are some serious numbers. Got to say, numbers that worry women who read this.

Why it so? Why Indian men don’t like giving oral to their partners? Are there any hygiene issues attached to this? Do they find giving oral to the lady part gross? Don’t men find any $exual pleasure or personal attachment in giving oral?

“The problem is, most of men try to find pleasure in giving pleasure. It may or it may not give pleasure physically, but if a man really loves his woman, he definitely goes down to her because he wants to make her happy, he wants to see her meeting her desire and fantasy. This is where lovemaking differs from $ex” says $exologist Vanitha.