Indian girls talk about women on top $ex

Girl 1 : ” At first, my partner was not really ready for this. No, he is not conservative but he was just fearing about the balance. What if I slip into his thing? This was his fear. Thank God, I didn’t hurt him. It was an all new experience. I earned orgasm on own. He too needs some rest from the missionary”.

Girl 2 : ” Cow girl is a routine affair for me now. It’s a great position. I would suggest only skinny women should attempt such thing. You must be strong on your knees. Or else you would scare the hell out of him. If both are strong and flexible, this is always a too good position”.

Girl 3 : “Well, I love that position. It allows me to take control of happenings. At the same time I get my pleasure perfect as he can get into my breasts. I can stimulate my clitoris too while penetrating. I would say, this is one of the perfect positions to go with.”

Girl 4 : ” I never had $ex. I never had a boyfriend. So, I don’t know how it feels but it would definitely be great since girls will get a chance to speed up and slow down the penetration on their own. Actually, that would be a perfect position for female to reach the climax”.

Girl 5 : “I love both missionary and cowgirl eqally. Both bring very intense experience with complete inverse efforts invested. Women should never hesitate from attempting. I believe even women should work hard in $exual life. And why should boys always take the control”.