Indian girls talk about why men are attracted to bigger breasts

Does size matter .. it’s a never ending question, no matter how many ages we see passing. Breasts are turn on things for men. Probably, they are the biggest source of $exual interests in men. None can deny this fact, even girls cannot. Actually, Girls do understand this. A YouTube channel has gone into streets asking Indian girls about “how important breasts size is for mens $ex interest”? Here is what Indian girls have said about this.

” Yes size does matter. Not for women, but for men, the size of breasts matter. The bigger they are, the more they fantasize about the upper parts. They do treat breasts as assets in Women’s body. That’s why they are more attracted to bigger breasts. But having said that, girls should feel comfortable with their limits and sizes” a girl stated.

“Girls shouldn’t​ be ashamed of their size, if they are small. Having big size is a blessing, not everyone is blessed with same genes or ideal genes. Yes, the size of breasts is important in $ex life as they make men participate in foreplay. I heard that men show no interest in foreplay if the size is small. That sounds rude”, another girl from the crowd opined.

“May be it matters. I don’t have any experience but from the narrations I had listened to, I can assume that the size matters a lot for men. The curves, sizes, are all these together excite them $exually. To my luck, or to my future husband’s luck, I have a good pair of these things. They are big” a single talked about the importance of breasts size.