Indian girls speak upon whether masturbation makes one a bad person

No matter this is 2017, still many of us feel masturbation as a taboo. Since the ancient age, self pleasure has been a popular and important mode of self worshiping and way of relieving sexual tensions. From the middle age, people have started spreading many myths about masturbation. Such like semen is produced from blood, if a female is masturbation, she will no longer remain virgin (read pure) and so on. Modern age researches have busted many myths and clearly started that masturbation is a healthy habit with no consequences. But the only restriction is restricting oneself from addiction.

What do modern age girls feel about masturbation? Especially in a conservative country like India? Well, here are few opinions expressed by Indian girls for a YouTube channel.

Girl 1 : “Why would masturbation be a bad habit? Nothing is bad if it is not making you a bad person. People who go into wild imaginations ignoring few sensible things have to review themselves. That’s the only complaint. Out of that masturbation is not bad. It’s a healthy habit and we all love to do that. Don’t we ?”

Girl 2 : “God .. masturbation is a stress buster. It helps in periods. It’s breaks my painful progress in such times. I know it’s a taboo for people but it is certainly a healthy and good habit. Only if we are obsessed with that, things would go in a bad way. Until that, come one .. enjoy with your body. Love yourself”.