Indian girls response on where they want to be kissed     2018-02-21   04:14:04  IST  Raghu V

Indian girls response on where they want to be kissed

Kissing is the primary technique in foreplay which is next followed by cuddling. Kissing is termed as an expression of love and not just that, it is the first and best technique of creating a arousal in partners. Kissing can stimulate organs in a woman’s body and thus lead her to the main act. Kissing lubricates her. So, it is important to kiss her in a right way and also at a right place. So what are those right places? Where exactly women want to be kissed ? A recent survey by a YouTube channel reveals the intentions of Indian girls.

A girl from north Mumbai told that neck kisses are instant turn on things. She rated neck kisses over cuddling and also over lip locks. May be because, neck has different nervous system which actually charges her up. So, a neck kiss is always a turn on. Lip lock was also rated by many but many have also opined it in low light. It’s because of the imperfections in lip lock. Girl’s say that lip lock isn’t performed in a right manner by many guys. Too much tongue play, or rough handling or saliva could turn off her. In simple, neck kisses could be rated above lip kisses, when it comes to turning her on.