Indian girls love to get touched on these parts

There are to few to several parts in a female body where a gentle touch can turn them on. Especially, if it is a male who throws his hands on them, then it’s way hard to resist. A lifestyle channel in Mumbai have gone to the streets and asked the Indians girls to reveal their favourite body parts, where a touch from man can turn them on.

Everyone has a different taste. Everyone has a different sense. Not every woman has equal or same sense. The humourous survey proved this point right. In Indian movies (specifically in the 80’s and 90’s) we see heroine getting all of sudden sexual arouse when hero touches her on hip. May be, these romantic scenes have a lot of hold on Indian girls, because most of the girls who answered the question, have answered with “Hip”.

“Not just for sexual arouse, but when a guy touches her hip, she feels secured” a girl in the crowd answered. Well, hip topped the chart.

Chest followed it and then butt was third most preferred female body which a woman die to get touched by her man. Few of them replied with neck and lips but not in considerable numbers.