In India, pornstars are more respected than normal girls

Day before yesterday, Ram Gopal Varma released the trailer of his new short film “God Sex and Truth” which featured one of the most popular pornstars Mia Malkova. The 25 year old beauty went arrestingly bold in the trailer be it with the visuals or be it with the verbal part. The trailer looks so much raw to hear and watch. But this is probably nothing when we get to compare the main film. Going by the words of RGV, the main film will be bold and filled with nudity. He has explored every inch of her body. For obvious reasons, this video will only be released in Mia Malkova’s official website.

Surprisingly, no outrage has been expressed from any section of the society. God, Sex and Truth has touched no controversy yet. Contrary to the expectations, everyone is busy praising the bold attempt of Varma. Even Kathi Mahesh is unable to stop his shower of positive thoughts on the film. This response has irked another controversial person. It’s Poonam Kaur.

“Pornstars have better life and respect than normal Indian girls. Innocents are framed, misused and abused and if they stand up for something, all her prepared to kill her mind, soul and body” Poonam tweeted yesterday.

Now this is obviously on GST – GOD, SEX and TRUTH. But why Poonam is generalising something in the reference of RGV’s film? Is it about her and allegations with the context of her affair with Pawan Kalyan?