Iconic Nokia N series will be back into the market

We are already feeling nostalgic about Nokia coming back into the industry with an unexpected android touch. The ex market leader, who refused to manufacture android phones earlier, has vanished from the competition restricting itself to only Windows operating system. After all these years, Nokia has been relaunched with Nokia 6, a stock android mobile.

Okay, this is all you already know. Now there is some news which can excite you, taking back to the memories. Remember the iconic Nokia “N” series ? Why wouldn’t you remember, it was madness those days. Hold your breath because Nokia is also bringing back N series.

Not just Nokia 5, Nokia , Nokia P1 and Nokia Nokia D1C, the company is going to launch the new branded N series phones which includes N70, N80, N90, N91, N92 and also N95.

Since Nokia hasn’t sealed this news with an official stamp yet, as of now, take it as a rumour. Wait for an official announcement.