I don’t use sanitary napkins in periods – Bolly actress

While there is a demand over free supply of sanitary napkins or tax exemption atleast, there is Bollywood actress Dia Mirza who suggests not to wear sanitary napkins. Guess what? The 35 year old Hyderabadi herself doesn’t use Sanitary Napkins. You may wonder why.

Dia Mirza is an UN environment goodwill ambassador. Speaking some science in Sanitary Napkins, the actress stated that Sanitary Napkins are harmful for environment. In other words, they are non biodegradable.

“The sanitary napkins and diapers are polluting the environment on a large scale and that’s why during periods, I have stopped using pads. As an actor, I am saying this, then it is a big thing because we also promote sanitary napkins. Whenever I get offers of promoting sanitary napkins, I deny them. I use biodegradable napkins which get destroyed 100% naturally. In India, even today, many women use pieces of cotton during periods. Although there are too many options today, most of them are harmful to environment”, says Dia Mirza.