I didn’t go nude for that scene – says actress

For last couple of days, there is one video snatching the limelight in the internet, apparently, a nude video of actress Sanjjanaa. It is said that this nude scene was canned for Dandupalya 2, a Kannada film which released very recently. Sanjjanaa is seen nude in the video, where one of the main characters is hitting her with the stones. Although the body parts have been blurred for censor, the video misguides the viewers to think that Sanjjanaa has actually gone nude for the scene. But contrary to rumors and the video, Sanjjanaa has a different version to narrate.

The actress admits that it is her in the video but not nude. She wore clothes on the set, very unusual costumes to make it look semi nude. But in real, she was never naked by her words. Sanjjanaa says that someone has morphed the video to project her in bad light. She denies going nude for the scene. “I was wearing clothes. They just blurred and morphed the body parts to create sensation” says the actress.

For whatever reasons, Dandupalya 2 has suddenly gained a lot of attention and publicity. The Telugu version of this controversial film is set to release tomorrow.