How wrinkles are caused by smoking

The number of smokers have crossed billions in the world. It is not like that we don’t really know the reasons why one has to quit smoking but it’s the addiction we have with ourselves which forces us to stick to the habit. One of the major problems that smoking brings to us is face full of wrinkles. You would get surprised but is a bitter truth. Even Bollywood Baadshah Sharukh Khan have admitted that his smoking habit has made him less attractive and insomniac. Do you want to know how this happens ?

Don’t we know that nicotine, the main element in cigarette is dangerous to health ? Day by day if keep smoking nicotine keeps itself busy in narrowing of the blood vessels in the superficial layers of your skin. This results improper blood circulation and also less oxygen supply. Imagine what bad the inadequacy of blood flow and oxygen can do to your health and skin in particular. Here begins the problem of wrinkles. Your skin feels no hydration and falls flat. You can even see Crow’s eye happening to you.

It is estimated that 7,000 toxic chemicals are imported or injected into our body while smoking. Speaking about this 7000 and plus chemicals, most of these are carcinogenic and are toxic to your body. Right after you pass your teenage, the skin starts producing 1 % less collagen every year from then. What happens when you do have a habit of smoking ? The toxin chemicals present in the nicotine damages the collagen even more. So, the changes of getting wrinkles are double now. In addition, you will start losing your skin texture. You won’t feel your skin firm anymore, it is also not soft and smooth anymore.