How to trace a mobile user’s exact location like a Pro

You have seen in a number of films where Police officers sweat hard to track and trace a thief with a call. In most of the times, they fail to trace the goon. But the availability of technology has become so easy today that even you can trace a friend’s location with ease. Don’t you believe? Follow these steps and see the magic.

* Open your chrome browser and enter into Browse the site in desktop mode or use a PC.

* You can see URL/IMAGE at the right top of the site. Remember that. Now open a new tab.

* Search any image of your choice in the new tab. Get the link and paste it in URL/IMAGE of the logger tab. Now you will receive a short link after clicking on get logger code.

* Get the link and WhatsApp the link to your friend or the person whom you want to trace. Once they open the link you have sent, do the next step.

* Go back to home in the site and open View Logger. Here you can find the IP Address of your friend. Copy that.

* Open a new tab and open Paste the IP address and hit on trace IP address. Boom … You will now get to see the exact location where the user is in.