How to make baby sleep all night

New borns may wake all of sudden at night and start a loud cry. This will automatically interrupt the sleep of parents and no one is to be blamed for the sleepless nights parents go through. How this can be reduced, if it is hard to stop completely. Here, we have suggestions.

* Make your baby habituated of sleeping on own. Don’t force the baby to sleep with your efforts. Let the baby sleep when he/she has to. This technique will make the baby to get habituated of a sleeping pattern. This will not disturb the sleep in the middle.

* Show your baby the difference between a day and a night. Create a lively atmosphere in the day and keep everything pleasant and queit in the night. This tip will help you to make the baby understand what is day and what is night, when to sleep and when to get pampered.

* As soon as you realise that it’s getting late, make your baby comfortable in the bed. Cuddling would the best idea to make the baby feel secure and feel pleasant about the night. Cuddling does help the baby to take a good sleep.

* Don’t change the sleep pattern. If the baby got habituated of sleeping at some point of time, maintain consistency. Stick to a daily routine style of sleeping.

* Make sure that your baby has taken enough feeding before sleep. Baby should never feel incomplete with stomach. If not, they will wake up suddenly in hunger.

* There are few to many products in the market which will help you to make baby fall asleep. Baby wear is one such product. Use it, if there is any requirement.

* Not just you, even your baby requires a pleasant atmosphere to sleep. Create one such atmosphere which is spacy and airy.

* Don’t change the sleeping room for baby. If he/she got habituated to one place, let it be like that.