How to lock an individual chat in WhatsApp

WhatsApp is free but not flexible on most part. While many other online messaging apps like Hike, Vchat etc are offering secret chat options, WhatsApp is still the same. When you don’t lock your WhatsApp app, it’s so open that everyone with your phone in your hand can read every message in your account. That’s not at all good for your because everyone has quite a few people whom you want to keep them private. You never want any third person to read what discussion happened between you two. You have a girlfriend or boyfriend and your parents opened your WhatsApp app, what would be the consequences. Locking the app is a solution but you create suspicious environment with that. Then what to do? Well, you can lock specific chat. We mean, you can lock only that chat which you want to keep as a secret. How?

* Go to your play store and download “WhatsApp chat locker”.

* After installing the app set the language to English and set a password for the app.

* Now you will get to see a floating widget on your screen. Click on that and select lock WhatsApp chats.

* You will get directed to the accessibility page. Allow permissions to the app and click on lock WhatsApp chats again from the floating widget.

* You will get directed to WhatsApp now. Select the specific chat which you want to lock. Click on okay. You will receive a message on the screen that your WhatsApp conversation has been locked.