How to last 20 mins in bed? Follow these 8 tricks     2017-10-30   06:03:56  IST  Raghu V

How to last 20 mins in bed? Follow these 8 tricks

* Exercise before the intercourse is compulsory. Excercise here means not any workout. Men should practice a way of delaying ejaculation before participating in $ex.

* If partners are not in a thought of making babies with that particular session, it’s not a bad idea to masturbate right before the session. That would make men last long.

* There is something called pause and start. This technique has to be mastered as it helps better than many other techniques. Although, it can make the women frustrate as it disturbs the flow, technique cannot be ignored if she too wants him to participate for longer period of time.

* Use 7-9 stroke method which is giving 7 fast strokes and 9 slow strokes. This isn’t discontinuing the flow. It’s just makes it easy for the men to delay the ejaculation.

* Squeezing the penis and stoping the ejaculation isn’t a bad idea either. But this technique requires a lot of practice as there are chances for ejaculation even in squeezing.

* Giving more foreplay would make him ejaculate prior to penetration. That helps as the second or third ejaculation is expected to come much slower than the first one.

* Don’t stick to one single position. When you are about to ejaculate, shift the position. Try a different position as it gives a different experience and also a late ejaculation.

* It’s not physical. Keep calm and don’t be nervous. When a man keeps doubt on himself, it’s almost impossible to perform efficient and take control of himself in the bed.