How to know if eggs are decayed

You know if a Tomato has gone bad. You know if a potato or any other vegetable or any fruit has gone bad. You can clearly see the signs of decay. You can easily recognise the healthy and unhealthy status of a vegetable or fruit by the smell. Then what about Eggs? Even eggs get decayed. But how would you recognize if an egg has gone bad? Follow these steps.

* Take long bowl and fill it with water. Now test the eggs you have got by letting an egg into the water.

* If the egg has reached the bottom and is standing upright, that means it is about to get decayed soon. However, it is still good for intake.

* If the egg has sunk at the bottom flat on the sides, that means that the egg is completely healthy for intake.

* If the egg is floating in the water instead of sinking in, that means the egg has gone bad. It is not meant for usage. You should not use it.

So, this is how you should find out the expiry date of an egg. Though eggs last longer, they should be consumed carefully. It is reported that eggs involve in most number of food poison cases.

How to store and use :

* Better store eggs in refrigerator or any place where the temperature is low.

* Don’t buy eggs with cracked shells.

* Cosume eggs within 3 weeks of delivery.