How to cancel “sent” mail from g-mail account?

“Oops.. what have I done. This email which I have sent would ruin everything between us”. “No, I shouldn’t have sent this email. It’s inappropriate”. “OMG … I have sent this email to a wrong person by mistake. I have a leaked a hidden matter”. These are very common and most happening reactions we get see and also experience on own when an email is sent to a wrong person by mistake.

A wrong email can do so much wrong between the sender and the receiver. How to unsend a sent mail? Well, Gmail provides you 30 seconds to correct your mistake. But those 30 seconds are the first 30 seconds right after you have sent an email. So, you should be spontaneous to correct the mistake.

What message does Gmail leave after you have clicked on sent? It’s something like “Your message has been sent. View message”. Isn’t it? Well, you can also have “undo” right there for 30 seconds. How to get that? Follow the steps given below.