How oral $ex causes oral cancer? What are preventive measures?

Oral $ex is an integral part of foreplay. For the most, it’s the favorite part of foreplay. Oral $ex stimulates the libido. It gives you an erection, it gives you the feel of wetness and it lubricates the lady part. People say it’s better than penetration (at least for most women). But this receiving and giving pleasure may land you into trouble. Yes, oral $ex may cause oral cancer.

The exchange of DNA through fluids is the basic way of getting an HPV. It is termed as mutuation. After a person is infected, mutuation passes the infection and add the multiplication and growth of infected cells. It forms a tumor and then cancer.

HPV spreads through the contact between mucous membranes, open lesions, shedding infected skin cells or body fluids of an infected person with the mucous membranes or open lesions of an uninfected person. So, an intimate session can obviously cause oral cancer.