How much loss Garuda Vega is set to face?

Did you watch PSV Garuda Vega? Didn’t you like it? You petty much did. We can call it a lite version of Hollywood spy thillers right? May be what we wanted Spyder to be. Someone down the line, we felt jealous of Rajasekhar while a thought was running in the mind, “why didn’t my favourite actor take up this project”? The film has once again showcased what the angry young man Rajasekhar used to be. Raving reviews, unanimous positive talk and excellent word of mouth, the film has received tremendous response all over. Having said that, it’s still a failure.

May be, this generation of audience are not really into Rajasekhar or his market is too low for the money being invested. For whatever reasons, Garuda Vega will be called as a flop, strictly speaking boxoffice terminology.

Well, there were rumours that producers have invested a little close to 25cr on this project but in reality, the total budget is around 17 cr -18 cr including the interests paid on finance. At the current trend, Garuda Vega would hardly collect a little over 8 cr share in it’s total run. That means, the producers would still face 9cr – 10cr loss.

It’s a safe project for the distributors since the business has been done for minimal rates. Everyone is happy. Rajasekhar for a strong comeback, Praveen Sattaru for the impact he has created and the audience for watching a good spy thriller. Only the producer will be having bad time. However, satellite rights and digital rights combined should help him.