How much fine Agnyaathavaasi makers paid for copying Story?

Telugustop has already reported for more then thrice that Agnyaathavaasi story has been stolen from 2008 released French cum English film Largo Winch. Trivikram Srinivas, who is nothing new to plagiarism allegations had never have thought that something so hard would come his way. Now he has to pay 7.5 cr to the producer Radha Krishna who paid the same amount to T series.

In case if you don’t know, Bollywood production house T series owns the remake rights of Largo Winch. The production company came to know about the copy issues connected with the Pawan Kalyan starrer. They have enquired with the insiders in the industry to cross check if or not the story has really been stolen from the film they own for remake. When the reply came back supporting the allegations, they proceeded with a legal notice.

Haarika Hassine Creations have reportedly agreed to pay 7.5 cr to T series. The bolly production cum distribution giant agreed upon the same amount. However, Telugu media has fabricated the number as 20cr. But in reality, 7.5 cr is the amount slapped as fine. Since Trivikram gave credits for himself for the story, it’s him who is liable to pay the fine. Radha Krishna has already made the payment to avoid disturbances. The question is, will Trivikram pay the same amount back to her producer?