How far Pawan – Paritala’s gundu episode is true?

Back then when Pawan Kalyan rose to stardom, there was also an rumor equally popular that Pawan Kalyan had a dispute with Paritala Ravi which resulted the politician tonsure Pawan Kalyan’s head. Popularly, it’s called as Pawan – Paritala Gundu episode. Right from then, this rumor has been used as a matter of fact whenever someone used to attack Pawan Kalyan. Even Ram Gopal Varma tried to include this rumor in his Rakta Charitra. But the film had no episode of that kind.

When almost everyone has forgotten about this, Pawan recalled the rumor stating that some TDP leaders deliberately did spread this rumor. However, Pawan Kalyan didn’t know Paritala back then. When Pawan Kalyan clarified a popular rumor lately in a party meet, the gundu controversy entered into headlines again with a debate of truth and untruth.

Well, the confirmation came from the other side too. Paritala Ravi’s wife Paritala Sunitha too clarified that it was just a rumor with about base. Whatever Pawan Kalyan has told is absolute truth, she added.