Hot actress thrown out of apartment for not playing rent

There was a time when the name Mallika Sherawat used to the the crowd puller when it comes to female actors. There was madness, there was rage and there was so much popularity for the actress. Not just as the lead actress, producers used to crave for her dates even for a special role or an item song. But the madness for beauty doesn’t last long right? The same happened with the bold and $exy actress. She soon lost her way in Bollywood. Although she made some attempts in Hollywood, they failed.

Last year, she was in the news being a victim of masked assailants attack. This year, she will be in news for an embarrassing news. Apparently, Mallika Sherawat has been kicked out of her rented apartment for not paying the rent.

She and her boyfriend have been residing in an apartment in Paris for several months now. Going by the reports of BBC, Mallika and her boyfriend are 64 lakhs INR due to the owner of the apartment. The owner had enough tolerance and couldn’t offer anymore.

As you know, Mallika Sherawat is no more a happening actress. Zero productivity but costly lifestyle brought these pale days to her.