Homely TV actress upsets with leaked video

If you are a actress you have to dela with many things and the biggest challenge among them was Morphed Videos. Shooting a video with lookalikes of actresses, making an MMS and leaking it online and on social media has become very common nowadays.

Few years back, a shower video of Trisha has gone crazily viral and created huge sensation. The video was concluded to be a morphed one very lately. Trisha had a real tough time to handle the entire hullabaloo and of course, she triumphed and came back strong.

Recently several south Indian heroines like Radhika Apte;hansika and Lakshmi Menon faced tough time with these videos.Joining the list of actress is Gayathri Arun, a popular Malayali TV actress.Recently, a leaked video of Gayathri Arun went viral when it was shared on WhatsApp and YouTube.

The leakage badly affected the actress’ reputation and she had faced tough time to deal with. Adding to the troubles a fake Facebook page was also created on Gayathri’s name and her mobile number was also shared on the page. After coming to know about her morphed video, gayatri immediately approached cyber police and filed a complaint on the defaulters.

The cyber cell cops have arrested a teenager from Trivandrum for creating the fake profile and are now looking for a Chennai person who allegedly leaked the viral video. In a recent interview to a news channel, the actress said about the issues she had to face after the video went viral on Whatsapp and other social media platforms.Gayatri lashed out on those who have committed such a dirty crime.