Home remedies for heavy fever

What is fever ? A body is said to be suffering from fever the body temperature exceeds the normal levels. In an adult, fever starts from 99.5 degrees F or 37.5 degrees C. If your fever exceeds 104 F, or 40 degrees celcius, then is a dangerous state to be in. Fever brings few to several health problems like diarrhea, vomit, head ache, weakness, body pains etc. Fever is considered as the most common and widely occurred infection or flu in the world. Every person in the universe falls feverish at least for once in his / her life. See, fever is such an universal problem. So, what should one do come out of this infection or flu ? You can’t stay with it for a long time. As the time passes, the fever increases the trouble meter. Here, we are making you aware of several home remedies which can cure your fever with ease. These remedies are easily available and are mostly found in households. Check out them ..

1) As doctors say, an Apple a day keeps you away from Doctor, it does it for real. Apple is rich in fiber which clears the hurdles in digestion during fever. It also increases the formation of white and red blood cells that increases immunity power. the more immunity power you have, the lethal your body can be in fighting against the fever and also against all other viral infections and flu. Apple keeps you hydrated and also lowers the temperature of the body suffering from fever.