Hindu organisations furious over Kareena’s bikini

No matter we are living in 2017, there is still a conservative section of society irrespective of religion, cast and race. Especially on women, society still imposes conservative ideas. Now Kareena Kapoor has become the latest victim conservative and extremist religious groups with a photoshoot. The 37 year old Bollywood actress has posed in two peice bikini for Vogue India’s new year edition.

Bebo has gone scorching hot in the shoot with a bikini, swimsuit and ravishing mid range shots in sea. While and film lovers are awestruck to see Kareena in this perfect physique post marriage and pregnancy at the age of 37, there are groups which feel offended by this.

Reportedly, a Hindu religious group in Gujarat has protested with Kareena Kapoor’s saree photos with a moral policing message that Indian married women are subjected to wear only sarees but not bikinis. They added that Kareena is misrepresenting Indian women worldwide. Do you agree with that?