Hijra’s to protest in front of Shankar’s house

I movie is creating new headaches for director Shankar.The film already received mixed response many started blaming Shankar for mediocre concept.Now transgender community (Hijras) is venting fumes on director Shankar for his take on them.

According to Chennai sources, the portrayal of the character ‘Osmin Jasmine’ in the film has reportedly hurt the sentiments of Transgenders (Hijra) in Chennai. Tansgenders in Tamil Nadu are up in arms against Shanakr for portraying the role in poor light .They plan to stage a protest in front of his house tomorrow and getting ready to approach police commissioner to file complaint against film and director.

For those who haven’t watched I movie yet, ‘Osmin Jasmine’ in the film is a transgender and a famous stylist who falls in love with the hero. There are scenes in the film where she makes sexual advances towards Vikram and they feel that it was purely derogatory

Ojas Rajani who is transgender in real life portrayed the role and she is a popular makeup artist in real life too.She worked with Shankar for nearly 6 films.