Heroine’s hip to be covered with graphics

There is a belief in Indian Cinema that heroine’s midriff beauty is a part and parcel of mass appeal elements in the film. Since ages, midriff has been established as a symbol of erotica and beauty in Indian movies. Probably, that’s the reason why Rajput groups, Karni Sena and few Hindu religious extremists have been objecting Deepika Padukone’s midriff being exposed in one of the songs of Padmavat (Padmavati).

This controversial film, which was initially slated for December 1 release, is now scheduled for January 25th release. However, it is still unclear if or not Padmavat really manages to release on the scheduled time. The film is receiving all the hatred from BJP ruled states including Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. Irony, all these states have already banned the movie. In addition, Bihar is expected to impose a ban too.

Even Deepika’s midriff has become a problem. It is heard that the makers have been working on VFX but not for creating magnum opus kind of backgrounds like Baahubali, but for covering Deepika’s (Padmavati’s) midriff. Have you ever thought that filmakers would face such a low period in a democratic country?