Heroine Poonam Kaur hits Kathi Mahesh verbally

The never ending Pawan Kalyan vs Kathi Mahesh battle gets another turn. Film celebrities like writer Kona Venkat and actress Poonam Kaur have came into support for Pawan Kalyan and have criticized Kathi Mahesh. While Kona Venkat went with a gentle tone, Poonam Kaul literally bashed him verbally by calling fatso and lesser than beggars.

“Beggars are better than people who are making money outta criticising others. Okay Suthi, change the man or the topic, I am bored to see the same fatso. Employment problems, sad, contribute trps it’s a way of donating guys for someone’s ill health actually should pay for weight reduction programme. One fatso got stuck in a pothole, it’s like I want the chief minister to pick and save me as he gave permission to lay it. Funny fatso. Don’t tell me on commenting, being fat is personal. I am worried about millions watching and getting inspired. Show concern about people’s mental and physical health! Figure out the difference between a mans higher purpose and ulterior motive , staying in the pot hole because you being paid is ulterior motive” the 31 year old actress stated in a series of tweets.

Now she has made some serious allegations on Kathi Mahesh. But who is paying Kathi Mahesh for the negative campaign? Is it the media for TRP’s or has she given a sense of hitting YS Jagan Mohan indirectly?