Here is Kathi Mahesh’s review on Agnyaathavaasi

As you have been hearing, Agnyaathavaasi has opened up with not so good reviews and ratings from the critics. The word of mouth is pretty much the same from the movie goers. But not the review of any critic or any common audience would be as important as Kathi Mahesh’s in the current circumstances. The film critic has finished watching the Trivikram celluloid and has posted his review.

“A serious story has been ruined with unnecessary comedy episodes. Comedy track irritates. Probably, the worst film in Pawan Kalyan and Trivikram combination. Watch it at your risk” said Kathi Mahesh in Twitter. Well, that was expected. Nothing to blame Kathi taking his rifts into consideration but the film itself is carrying below average reports.

But for a fact, it was Kathi Mahesh who made the plagiarism issue popular by firstly confirming that Agnyaathavaasi has been lifted from Largo Winch. Now at the moment when his review matters the most, he has gone with a negative reaction for the film. Will Pawan Kalyan and Trivikram take this serious? Along with political career, Kathi Mahesh is also going against the film career of Powerstar?