Hebah Patel went too bold in 24 kisses

Hebah Patel made her Telugu debut with a clean hit film like Ala Ela. But people started recognising her only after Kumari 21F happened. Recognising is a small word here, Hebah rose to a kind of stardom overnight. But failed to cash on the fame she earned. Few to several bad choices like Nenu Nanna Naa Boyfriend, Angel and so on ruined Hebah’s career. Besides, she did unimportant roles in films like Ekkadiki Pothavu Chinnavaada and Mister at a time when she would have concentrated lead roles.

Hebah Patel wants a make a comeback and in style. She is back to what she is known for. After Kumari 21F, Hebah is again a similar bold character in a film titled 24 kisses. It is heard that the actress will take the audience by surprise by her glamour and also by her acting skills. As the title suggests, it is a youth centric film directed by Ayodhya Kumar Krishnamshetty.

Looks like you have heard this name before. Yes, he is the director of critically acclaimed film Minugurulu. Now this combination sounds interesting right? A critically acclaimed filmaker is dealing a glamourous actress. Hope this film brings Hebah pack into the zone.