Healthy benefits of Black Jamoon or Black Plum

Call it Black Plum, Java Plum or with the famous name Black Jamoon. This is an evergreen and tasteful fruit which is not seen growing everywhere. But it’s rarity adds more value to it. Luckily, black plum is a native fruit of Indian Subcontinent and is easily available here in the summers. So, don’t you want to know the benefits of your favourite fruit?

* There are plenty of antibacterial properties in Black Jamoon. It protects our teeth and gums from various infections.

* People who suffer with oily skin and acne should start eating black Jamoon. It has astringent properties which keeps our skin oil and acne free.

* Regular intake of black Jamoon will help us stay away from anemia. It increases the levels of red blood cells and also purifies the blood.