Health Benefits of Ragi Porridge

Ragi is believed to be one of the nutritious unrefined cereals for hundreds of years. Ragi is scientifically called as Eleusine Coracana . Ragi does contain number of proteins, calcium, iron, fiber and may other minerals and vitamins. It is grown in parts of Africa and Asia which includes our own sub continent India. An interesting fact, 58% of Ragi production in India comes from Karnataka alone. Right from our ancestors, Indians have been making various food items with Ragi. One and most famous among them is Ragi Porridge (రాగి అంబలి). Ragi Porridge tastes too good even for this generation. For it’s nutritional value and taste, Ragi Poddige definitely deserves a sip. If you aren’t convinced, check the benefits.

* Ragi Porridge has high amounts of calcium. You would feel surprised but not many plants offer as much calcium as Ragi does. You know how good calcium is for our bone health. From 6-75, anyone from any age can add Ragi Porridge to their diet as everyone has bone issues relating to the age group.

* Ragi Porridge is a rich source of Poyphenols and dietary fibers. It lowers blood sugar levels automatically as it is very low on glycemic index. I doesn’t force you to crave for food and doesn’t fasten your digestion.

* It also has high level of antioxidants. Especially, the presence of amino acids and tryptophan makes Ragi Porridge fight against free radicals.

* As mentioned in the introduction, iron is a vital component of Ragi. So, the porridge of ragi can treat Anemia if it taken on regular basis. Ragi also has Vitamin C helping our body to observe iron efficiently.

* Ragi is helpful for people who want to reduce their weight. It is a great source of fiber and for that reason, Ragi maintains healthy metabolism rate. There will be food cravings, high sugar levels and overeating. In other sense, there will be no fat and no over weight.

* Ragi Porridge can reducer the plaque formation in the blood vessels. It keeps them clean by preventing blockage issues. So, there is no high chance for the storage of cholesterol. Ragi can cut down the bad cholesterol levels.