Have Dhanush and Anirudh raped her ?

Suchitra leaks is talk of the entire Indian film industry today. The revelation of sexual affairs, the leakage of nudes and much more, this whole episode has been no lesser than a thriller movie for the netizens. But why Singer Suchitra or fake account has brought all this drama into the public? Why she wants to take revenge on Dhanush and Anirudh?

From one of her tweets, the reason behind Suchi leaks is an uncivilised incident happened to her. As the tweet says, Dhanush and Anirudh were in a late night party several days ago, where Suchitra was also there. Dhanush and Anirudh mixed some drug in Suchitra’s drink which made her feel drowsy and unusual. She was barely active and wasn’t in complete presence of mind.

Then, it turns out to be the worst night for the singer as Dhanush and Anirudh has allegedly had sex with her. As it’s not with her permission, this act can be called as a rape. But the singer, instead of going legal against such big names, has chosen a public platform like Twitter to disclose the dark activities of not only Dhanush, Anirudh and their buddies, but also tried to unhide the entire casting couch thing in Tamil industry.