Hariteja to replace this anchor in Jabardast?

Hariteja is a well know name and face today, all thanks to the Bigg Boss. Siva Balaji might have ended up with the cash prize and winning trophy but it was Hariteja who won name, fame and much more with her sense of humour, energetic nature and spontaneity. She has everything what a TV anchor must have right? Well, if everyone falls into place, we would see Hariteja hosting a TV show soon.

Mallemala Entertainments, the production company of famous Telugu comedy show Jabardast have reportedly approached the Bigg Boss Star very recently. Apparently, they want Hariteja to host Jabardast. Then whom would she replace out of Anasuya and Rashmi?

Well, it could be Rashmi, says a source. Mallemala wants to replace Rashmi with Hariteja as the makers have been feeling that Rashmi is no more a TRP raking property for the show. Hariteja is way more popular today and her presence will bring freshness and also extra hype for show, believes the production company.

However, nothing has been confirmed yet since Hariteja is yet to signal green for the show. She hasn’t taken any decision on the proposal.