Grammarly Keyboard comes for android

English is not our language. It never was but it is an official language today. Along with Hindi, English has been made as an official language in all government proceedings. For that reason, English has become a necessity today. It’s no alien to us. But not many of us can write and speak English fluently. A person’s stature, confidence, knowledge and what not, everything today is measured by the level of command he/she holds in English. Under these circumstances, you must have good written and spoken English skills.

“Grammarly” needs no introduction for PC users. But it was not meant for mobile users all these days. Don’t worry, Grammarly is now available for mobile users. The app has been launched in the play store in the form o a keyboard. Download Grammarly and start typing in English without any single mistake. Not just spelling mistakes, Grammarly also corrects sentence formation mistakes. But remember one thing, you must be connected to the internet to utilize the feature it provides. Grammarly doesn’t correct your mistakes in offline mode.

There is no science behind using this app. Just download it, allow permissions, make it your default keyboard and start typing. At the right top of the keyboard, you will find corrector. It will show your mistakes and keeps correcting them on a single click. No sentence formation mistakes, no parts of speech mistakes, no conjunction mistakes and no single grammar mistake. You will write a flawless writeup with Grammarly.