Girls talk about easiest ways to give them orgasm     0218-03-10   00:15:07  IST  Lakshmi P

Girls talk about easiest ways to give them orgasm

How to give a woman an orgasm? It’s still a mystery for many. The men world has been mostly failing to decode the process for years and years. Even in this modern science age, where every information is just a single click away, men don’t understand the ways to give her the heavenly pleasure. Well, how about knowing the easiest way from the girls themselves? As per a survey where conducted by Cosmo, here are the answers given by real women.

“It depends on the individual. Some women may prefer to get an orgasm in the foreplay. They participate in penetration for namesake or for not disappointing her partner. But speaking the large number, it should be vaginal orgasm where you stimulate her through penetration. Trick could be getting involved with her clitoris”

“I think stimulating the G-spot is the most easiest way to give a woman an orgasm. But not many common $ex positions we use do that. It is important to know about the positions which work on the G-spot to an extent. If not that, men should work more on foreplay”