Girlfriend takes selfies with dead boyfriend

How hard is it to imagine your life without the person you love the most? What might be running through a human heart when it sees it’s beat lying down dead. The pain is way beyond anyone’s imagination. How could some say a goodbye forever? The pain and grieve are unbearable for the human heart. Ever came across such experience or ever happened to listen to one such story? Here is a story that would leave you in tears.

Valyrie Delos Santos and John Rey Sac Acayen are two teenagers madly in love with each other. Their parent’s know what they are up to. They have been in a blissful relationship for some time. What they love is taking selfies together. When everything seems too good and everything was in its place, life has given a cruel turn to the story.

John Rey Sac Acayen, who was 18, met with death all of sudden. His parents stood clueless seeing their son falling down suddenly, who was looking all healthy few seconds before. Parents called his girlfriend and broke out the news. Valyrie couldn’t digest what she just heard from his parents. She couldn’t believe the news. She thought it could be a prank, a bad one.