Foods that can put women breasts into danger

Every year, lakhs are visiting hospitals in connection with breast cancer. This is now, one of the most deadlines ailments in a woman’s case. There are few to several reasons behind the development of breast cancer and diet is among them. An unhealthy diet will automatically high up the risk of breast cancer. There are many such food items which would increase the chances of getting a breast cancer.

* High glycaemic foods cause rise in blood glucose and automatically increase the levels of insulin. High insulin levels increases the circulating free estrogen and then cause uneven and irregular cell growth in breast tissues. This is how cancer cells take birth. So, better late than never, cut down the intake of sugar. Don’t include high sugar foods in you diet. Don’t eat refined carbohydrates.

* Milk is fair to health only if consumed in certain limits. The high fat diary foods items are never health friendly, at overdose. Researchers​ say that heavy drinking of milk also leads to uneven and irregular cell growth because of the imbalance in estrogen. This will lead to breast cancer. Don’t take excess amounts of high fat diary foods.

* Grilled meat is healthy. It’s a healthy process to cook meat. But even grilled meat carries certain disadvantages. Whether it would be a chicken, beef or a sea food, anything grilled under high temperatures will increase the production of heterocyclic amines. These HCAs are cancer agents. So even a grilled meat can harm your breasts. Fried chicken and broiler chicken are anyhow not health friendly.

* High fat animal proteins can also cause breast cancer as they increase the levels of prolactin and estrogen. Anything with high fat content is bad. Saturated fats, high fat proteins imbalances the estrogen levels. This will bring cancer cells on breast tissues.

* Salted foods, smoked, picked foods, added sugars, soda beverages, White flour , white rice, pasta, hydrogenated oils, canned foods, microwave oven foods and farmed fish goods can also lead to breast cancer.