Foods for fighting low temperature in winter

* Fenugreek seeds have anti viral properties in loads. The inducing properties earned it a name winter elixir. Soak fenugreek seeds, then grind and use the paste in food items you cook. This will cut down the chances of getting cold.

* Adding some saffron in the milk would help greatly to avoid few to several winter infections. It even helps to reduce mucus congestions. Saffron also increases body temperature which is actually good during cold winter.

* Honey immensely helps preventing cold and fever in a viral winter. Keep taking honey everyday for temperature regulation in your body.

* Pepper obviously works on increasing body temperature. Besides, pepper is loaded with antioxidants which increases the required immunity in the winter.

* Cold is a common customer in winter. Cold brings respiratory problems. Eat tulsi leaves everyday. You can extract tulsi water by boiling the leaves

* Boil ginger and extract the boiled water to make ginger tea. Drink it twice a day. It improves blood circulation in the body and the temperature further.

* What Turmeric cannot do? If has all the ingredients to produce and increase immunity in your body. It is antiviral, anti fungal, anti inflammatory and also antiseptic. All these properties together make Turmeric nothing less than a medicine in winter.

Other foods :

* Animal bone soup

* Chicken soup

* Sesame

* Cinnamon

* Cauliflower and broccoli

* Oatmeal