Fidaa effect : Sai Pallavi doubles her remuneration

Price of a commodity increases with the increase in demand. That’s what we learnt in commerce classes during our inter our degree days. The principle works everywhere and more importantly in film industry. Sai Pallavi is already a big star with just couple of films behind. The malar has acted only in three films so far as a female lead and there she joins the big league.

Do you know how much Sai Pallavi charged for Fidaa ? It was around 30 lakh rupees. Not many actresses manage such huge remuneration for debut in Telugu. And guess how much Sai Pallavi is demanding now after the humongous success of Fidaa ? It’s whopping 70 lakh rupees. She doubled her remuneration. To be precise, it’s 10 lakhs more than the double thing. See, what success can bring to the table. If in case she grabs another hit with Nani’s MCA, you shouldn’t feel surprised seeing Sai Pallavi taking 1cr + remuneration per film.

Well, this is the just the beginning of her stardom. Let’s see if of not Premam and Fidaa were just miracles. Talking business, Fidaa is still rock solid in both domestic and overseas markets. The film is a double profits venture.