Famous scenes and dialogues that Trivikram copied

Athadu :

Police surrounds the building and a cop points the gun at Parthu who is standing at the edge of the building finding a way for escape and survival. He has only two options. Either he should surrender himself or he should let his life go by jumping from the building. But Parthu finds a way from nothing. A finds a train passing by and jumps over it with the help of big rope. You may have found it mesmerising back in 2005 but this scene is a brutal copy of escape sequence in U.S Marshals released in 1998. Even the first kill Mahesh does where he just goes past through a goon and the stab is shown later in rewind, wasn’t a Trivikram’s brain child but a copy.

Attharintiki Daaredi :

We all broke down in laughter seeing leaves fall from a tree whenever Brahmanandam scripts a lie in the film. This concept was directly lifted from an English film “A Thousand Words”, released in 2012. Attharintiki Daaredi got released in 2013 by the way. In the very same film there is a scene where Samantha changes her clothes in the car diverting Pawan Kalyan’s attention. This scene was copied from 2011 release “Friends with benefits”.

Julayi :

The bank robbery right at the beginning of the story kept us paying the attention to the story. Strangers participating in the robbery where robbers kill each other in greed is indeed an unique idea but it was not Trivikram’s. The scene was lifted from the master mind Christopher Nolan’s cult classic The Dark Knight. The interval action sequences are copied from Italian Job. Even quite a few dialogues in this film were lifted from the Dark Knight. For example, the most famous dialogue of Joker “If you are good at something, never do it for free”. In Julayi it was “Manaku vacchina pani free ga cheyakudadu, rani pani try cheyakudadu”.

Khaleja :

The plastic factory behind Anushka’s engagement with Prakash Raj’s son, the bullet proof plastic episode where the ladies are shown jumping the plastic are lifted from a black white era movie (We are not aware of the title).

The list doesn’t end here. Before becoming a filmmaker, Trivikram copied many scenes and punchliners from different Hollywood films. He even lifted some dialogues from Telugu novels. For example, the dialogue in Nuvvu Naaku Nacchav where MS Narayana says Nenu Vedhavalaki Daari ivvanu and Sunil replies “Nenu maatram istadu” was lifted from “Kaantham Kathalu”. If you don’t want to look into early 2000’s, the recent “A.Aa” is a copy of Telugu novel “Meena”.